Quality and Reliable Bandwidth a proven Solid Performer
SI &T’s T1 can easily and cost effectively increase bandwidth as your business grows. A T1 line is a digital data stream capable of handling 24 independent connections simultaneously and may be combined with SI&T’s Hosted PBX tpo provide a solid, cost effective solution for Voice/Data Service. A T1 line provides 1.5 Mbps of bandwidth, but businesses that need more than that can buy bonded T1 lines which are bundled together to increase the total amount of bandwidth available.

Guaranteed Speed
You will always have a 1.5Mbps Full-duplex transmission of data.

Locally-based technicians and 24/7 support proactively monitoring our network, assuring you unparalleled reliability and trustworthy business communications.

Flexible & Scalable Solutions
It facilitates easy growth. Add new lines without new wiring or huge additional costs. And if more than 1.5Mbps is needed, up 4 T1s can be bonded to 6Mbps

Why is a T1 Line Right for Your Business?
Because your business cannot wait to get faster service!